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Image by Kristina Tripkovic

Trauma Therapy For Adults & Teens In Dallas Texas

Imagine your brain is like a filing cabinet. Sometimes memories become “misplaced” and it's like your filing cabinet gets jammed every time you try to open it. This memory becomes a trauma, and you become triggered every time you are reminded of it. When our brains have associated danger or fear to experiences in our past, and we did not have the means to cope properly, it then becomes possible for this experience to become traumatic. 


My job as your therapist is to help you safely re-visit these traumatic experiences, identify how they have impacted your life, and help you move forward. When we have experienced trauma we go into a fight, flight, or freeze response which helps us in that moment, but we are not meant to live in that state long term. I help clients get out of the fight, flight, freeze state and into the present moment, learning coping skills for any post-traumatic stress symptoms you may have.


Trauma may look like one really big and scary event in your life such as a car crash or sexual assault, but it can also look like several small events which happen over time; repeated instances of abandonment, having an inconsistent or emotionally unavailable parents, growing up with someone who is an alcoholic or addict. This is called complex trauma. No matter what “type” of trauma you have experienced, my priority is to give you a space to process through the details of the trauma itself and make meaning of it, eventually moving forward without feeling as triggered or impacted by the trauma. 

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