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Image by Cecilie Johnsen

Dallas, TX LGBTQ+ Resources 


Therapy With Abby is proud to participate in DPD’s SAFE PLACE Program
The Dallas Police Department, Dallas Hope Charities, and the Collective Hope Coalition are working together to spread awareness and education to the community by encouraging victims to report ALL crimes, especially hate crimes, in hopes of reducing the risk of injury and/or self-harm to the LGBTQ+ community and all communities in Dallas. The Safe Place program will help bring the LGBTQ+ community, the Dallas Police Department, local businesses, social organizations and even schools together to create a safe place and city for all.
The Safe Place program includes all hate crimes categories such as race, color, religion, gender, ancestry, sexual orientation, national origin, gender expression or identity, mental, physical, or sensory disabilities, homelessness, marital status, political ideology, age or parental status. The program helps to increase the confidence for victims to report crimes and to know they will be treated with respect, dignity, and care from the Safe Place locations and police officers.

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