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Counseling Services for Teens & Adolescents


The teen years are some of the hardest in life. Teens face enormous pressures like finding the right friends, discovering their own identities, and establishing independence from parents. Modern challenges like social media add even more stress. If you are a parent of a teen who’s struggling or a struggling teen yourself, know that you aren’t alone. Adolescence is hard for everyone, and certain factors can make it harder for some than others.


While trying to navigate these years, problems you might run into include:


  • Difficulty with school

  • Bullying/cyberbullying

  • Low self-esteem

  • Family conflict

  • Stressful friendships and/or romantic relationships

  • Uncertainty about the future

  • LGBTQ+ issues


It can be helpful to see a therapist when facing issues like these. It’s estimated that at least one in five teens has a diagnosable mental health condition. The most common disorders are anxiety, attention, mood, and behavior disorders. Here at Therapy With Abby, I help teens with conditions like:


These are just a few of the wide variety of conditions teens struggle with. If they aren’t treated, they might even last into adulthood. Learning to manage mental health symptoms as a teen builds a good foundation for coping with challenges later in life.


At Therapy With Abby, I provide teen therapy in Dallas, Texas, to help teens cope with whatever difficulties they may be facing. I’m passionate about helping teens because I’ve been there. I experienced hardship as a teenager myself, and I know the weight of too much responsibility at that age feels like. I believe therapy for adolescents should be a healthy mix of helping them embrace their inner child while also holding space for the adults they are becoming.


What is Therapy for Teens Like?


I understand that every person who walks through my door is unique and complex. I will start by conducting a brief assessment to see where you’re at and identify your biggest struggles. Then, we’ll work as a team to decide what to work on and when. I might ask you to imagine what you wish your life were like or the type of person you want to become. Finally, I’ll help you process any difficult events you’re dealing with and teach you skills to manage problems when you’re not in my office.


Here are a few techniques I’ve frequently use when working with teenagers:

  • Identifying and replacing negative thoughts

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Building positive self-affirmations

  • Learning and role-playing effective communication skills

  • Creating a healthy support system


Different approaches work for different people—your treatment at Therapy With Abby will always be individualized. After working with me, the goal is that you’ll be better able to cope with life’s challenges and uncertainties down the road long after you’ve completed therapy with me.


As with all forms of therapy, sessions with me are completely private and confidential. I know it’s hard opening up to someone you don’t know about your innermost thoughts and feelings. My office is a safe place for you to sort things through and ultimately earn to manage them independently.


Therapy for Teens in Dallas, Texas


I’m happy to provide therapy for teens at my practice here in Dallas, Texas. So if you’re a struggling teen or the parent of one, contact me today to schedule a session! I look forward to helping you become a healthier, happier version of yourself.

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction comes with less stigma than drug addiction because alcohol is legal. This can actually make it easier to become addicted and harder to quit. As a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, I help people learn about their reasons for abusing alcohol, including underlying trauma or mental health conditions.

Anxiety Therapy

There are several significant types of anxiety, including generalized, panic, social, and specific phobias. Whichever kind of anxiety you’re facing, I’m well-versed in the skills and tools you need to manage your anxiety. Anxiety can quickly overtake your life; I want to help you regain control and peace.

Childhood Trauma

Things that happen to us in childhood carry over into our adult lives. As a result, problems may show up, particularly in our ability to trust and connect with others. I will help you identify the events and feelings in childhood that contribute to your issues now and use therapeutic techniques to resolve them.

Complex PTSD

The fight-or-flight response characterizes post-traumatic stress disorder. When someone is traumatized repeatedly, over a long period of time, they can develop complex PTSD. This condition is challenging to treat, but I’ll help you untangle the web of broken trust, hurt feelings, and loss of security that make complex PTSD last into adulthood. Through specialized Complex PTSD therapy, you’ll learn how to feel safe and secure, and therefore better able to function day-to-day.

Depression Counseling

Left untreated, depression can impact every area of your life. With symptoms like lack of energy, loss of interest, fatigue, and even suicidal thoughts, depression can weigh you down until you forgot what it was like to feel joy. I’m highly experienced and knowledgeable in treating all forms of depression so that you can find hope and happiness again.

Drug Addiction

Addiction to drugs can lead you to a dark, hopeless place. I use my Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor skills to help you uncover what led to your addiction and what drove it. My goal is to help you process these underlying factors, healing from them and any secondary issues your drug addiction may have caused.

EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a therapy initially designed to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It helps people who’ve experienced trauma learn to cope with the thoughts and feelings that arise when triggered. EMDR clients also build insight while reflecting on their past, without the need to say aloud what they’ve been through.

Trauma Therapy


Traumatic events like car accidents or sexual assaults can cause people to feel a fight-or-flight response. This happens when you are triggered and don’t know how to cope. I’ll help you break down what this response looks like for you and help you learn to cope with and heal from your trauma.

Women’s Sexual Health


Several issues contribute to painful sex for women. I help sort out what may be beneath your struggles with intimacy, whether it’s anxiety, lack of connection, or trauma. Then, we will address these root causes with targeted interventions to help you build a stronger bond with your partner.

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