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Georgia Maxey MA, LMFT-A
IFS Informed Therapist


My family loves to tell the story of my entry into Psychology. I was 10 years old.


At the end of a long family discussion, I looked up and said, “nobody really knows anything.” I no longer feel this way, but my 10-year-old self was verbalizing a realization (a young and unrefined realization) that we do not get a course in Humanness, or an automatic download of Truth. Our prize is the harmony and expansiveness that comes with the work we do.


After I finished my master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and while I am working through my PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy, I found a way of working with talk therapy and movement that works. I use IFS informed therapy that is flexible, and client focused because your story is unique and multi layered. Your story matters and therapy needs to fit with your inner and outer worlds.

I work with individuals and relationships/couples on intimacy, marriage issues, Men’s issues, Women’s issues, anxiety, and relationship/marriage counseling. Relationship counseling includes individual counseling (and the relationship you have with yourself) and relationship counseling (for your most important intimate relationships.) I have worked in private practice with couples and non-traditional CNM relationships as well as in the Veterans Services with military couples and individuals.


I see clients in our Highland Park office here in Dallas TX, or with telehealth services if you prefer the convenience of your own home or live outside the Dallas area. Telehealth and in person sessions are proven to both be clinically effective so the preference is yours. I also offer walk-and-talk therapy in the Dallas area which is proven to help with depression and anxiety when paired with talk therapy.


All encounters could be therapeutic, but when they aren’t, I’m here. If you think we could be a good fit (and a good fit is often quite hard to find) please reach out and set up a free 15 minute phone consultation.

Dallas Texas individual counseling, marriage therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, sex and intimacy therapy 

Georgia's Availability: 

Telehealth or In Office



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