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LGBTQ+ Therapy in Dallas, Texas

I have specialized training in working with individuals, couples, and families in the LGBTQ+ community and gender affirmative therapy for transgender individuals. If you are questioning your sexuality or wanting to explore more about what you already know, then therapy is a great place to start. I provide a safe and open space for my clients to explore the fluidity of their sexuality and how this may be impacting their personal lives or relationships. If you are thinking about or are in the process of coming out, having a support system and professional sounding board is essential.


I help clients in their coming out process by allowing them to explore their sexuality and share this with friends, parents, co-workers, or their partner. Sometimes people are hesitant to come out in fear of other people’s reaction or how this might change their life. My job is to help you safely come out to your loved ones and to cope with any negative reactions you may have received. I also empower my clients by providing them with local community resources as needed such as support groups or organizations within the LGBTQ+ community in Dallas.


With clients who identify as transgender or are currently in the process of transitioning it is my goal to provide emotional support, but also to provide resources and information as needed. I help clients get connected to trans affirming medical doctors and provide whatever support is needed for a safe and healthy transition. I also help parents or families who may be struggling to understand their loved one’s transition or coming out in order to advocate for my client and to help educate others who are open to learning. 

LGBTQ+ Issues

There’s a great need for gender- and sexuality-affirming therapy in the Dallas, Texas area. A big reason I started Therapy With Abby was to meet the needs of our LGBTQ+ community. I provide a safe, open space in which you can process concerns related to your sexuality or gender identity. Your identity underscores every part of your life, so no matter what brings you to therapy, I’ll keep who you are front and center.

I specialize in LGBTQ+ issues and have helped many clients through challenges on different points of their identity journey. If you’re feeling conflicted about your sexuality or gender, I can help you process your questions and doubts, eventually helping you find assurance in who you are. If you need help coming out—maybe you have concerns about possible negative reactions from family, friends, or co-workers—I can walk you through this.

Other times people need to process the trauma of not being accepted. Facing rejection after letting others in on such a foundational, personal part of who you are is traumatizing. It can lead to other issues like depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and more. My goal as an LGBTQ+ affirming therapist is to help you heal from these wounds.

What Makes Therapy for LGBTQ+ Issues Unique?

All therapists should be knowledgeable about and respectful of LGBTQ+ issues. However, as an LGBTQ+ specialist, I have an advanced grasp of how a person’s sexuality and gender identity affect every facet of their lives. Even if you feel that what brings you to therapy is not related to your sexuality or gender, identity underscores everything. My holistic approach allows me to see connections other therapists might miss.

Bias and discrimination are, unfortunately, big problems in our society. Despite growing awareness and acceptance of diverse gender identities and sexual orientations, problems like the following still exist:

  • Harassment and bullying in school or the workplace

  • Family or community rejection

  • Mental health or substance abuse issues as a result of feeling you must hide your identity

  • Discriminatory portrayals of gender- and sexuality-diverse people in the media

These things can take a serious toll on your well-being. LGBTQ+ youth are four times as likely to seriously consider suicide as their heterosexual, cisgender peers. In fact, The Trevor Project estimates one LGBTQ+ youth attempts suicide every 45 seconds in the U.S. This is why mental health therapy for LGBTQ+ issues is so important. Whatever you’re facing and wherever you are in your journey, I’m here to walk with you.

LGBTQ+ Counseling in Dallas, Texas

A supportive community is so important for people with diverse sexualities and gender identities. I’m knowledgeable about and familiar with many resources for LGBTQ+ individuals in the Dallas, Texas area. As a well-connected member of our local community, I can help you with referrals for:

  • Support groups and organizations

  • Advocacy groups, including legal aid

  • Gender-affirming medical care

  • Hormone therapy

  • Gender confirmation surgeries

At Therapy With Abby, I provide emotional support to my LGBTQ+ clients, but also advocacy, information, and any other forms of support that are needed. If you need help coming out to loved ones or others in your community, or need help processing your identity with others, I facilitate that too. If you are the loved one struggling to support someone who is LGBTQ+, I’m happy to help you learn how to be an ally.

If you’re in need of LGBTQ+ therapy in Dallas, Texas, reach out to me today. I want to help you be the healthiest, truest version of yourself you can be.

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