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I'm a Licensed Professional Counselor Located in Dallas, Texas. I graduated from Tarleton State University with a bachelor of science in Psychology. I then attended Southern Methodist University and graduated with a Master of Science in Counseling. Additionally I am a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and treat those who have experienced Trauma. I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) which allows me to effectively treat many kinds of trauma as well as a wide variety of other issues. I have specialized training and am passionate about working with LGBTQ+ clients.

Counseling Services

Professional Dallas Therapist

The world is constantly shifting and changing around us and it can be challenging to adjust and adapt. In life we experience stress, sadness, anger, grief, or dissatisfaction. Sometimes we have a hard time coping with these issues in a healthy or healing manner. I see my role as a Dallas therapist to help my clients to cope with these life stressors and emotions while learning new ways to self-regulate and maneuver through life. We are human and far from perfect, but as we get to know ourselves better and become more aligned with our values and what makes us unique we can better navigate through the tougher seasons of life.

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People I Work Well With

Finding a good fit in a therapist is essential to your therapeutic process. The information below can hopefully give you an idea of what kind of people I typically see walk through my door. As a therapist in Dallas, these are also the clients who I find myself working best with. 

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  • Highly Sensitive People 

  • Adult children of alcoholics/addicts 

  • Adult children of emotionally unavailable or abusive parents

  • People experiencing general life dissatisfaction, depression, or anxiety 

  • Teens above age 15 or adult children who experiencing the divorce of their parents 

  • People who are struggling to connect to their partner romantically or sexually 

  • People who have a history of “failed relationships” 

  • People who feel like the “black sheep” or “odd ball” in their families 

  • People who feel like a burden or have been told they are “too much”

  • People who enjoy self-reflection and are wanting some help to take a deeper dive 

  • People who feel like they don’t have an identity, or are wanting to further explore their changing identity 

  • LGBTQ+ people who are struggling to connect with others around them or need support that may not be provided by family 

  • People who have experienced negative reactions from others as a result of their coming out as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, or transgender

  • People who are wanting to explore their life story, or who may have questions about how events from their childhood impact their current life

Schedule Your Therapy Session

For life problems or mental health conditions, there are no simple, black-and-white answers. You’re going to therapy because your problems are complex and need an individualized response. Maybe you’ve been to a therapist before, or perhaps you haven’t. In either case, seeing someone new for therapy is never easy. It takes courage, but it doesn’t have to feel like a leap of faith.

I have several specialties, but the chief among them is trauma. I’m trained in EMDR — an innovative, evidence-based treatment for trauma. I also treat depressionanxietyLGBTQ+ issues, and much more. I teach my clients new ways of viewing their situations, coping with their problems, and navigating future stressors as they arise. I’m proud as a Dallas therapist to help our community grow stronger as individuals and together.

I’m glad you’re here. It can be scary and anxiety-provoking to seek out therapy. Many people have inaccurate beliefs about therapy, which may come from TV shows or movies that don’t paint an accurate picture. Others, unfortunately, may have had a negative experience with treatment in the past. I want you to know that you aren’t held to any particular expectations when you walk through my doors. I want you to feel comfortable and safe here, and that means coming exactly as you are.

I strive to build an inclusive, affirmative practice. As a highly-sensitive person myself, I understand an overwhelming environment with rigid expectations is not helpful. I always encourage my clients to tell me what is most beneficial for them. My space is always respectful, open for dialogue, and above all, committed to your safety and wellbeing.

I hope you will consider reaching out to me for a free consultation or to schedule the first session. My doors are always open!

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